App Previews for Webinar on 2/23

Do you use or are curious about education apps for your smart devices such as iPads or Android-enabled phones?  Join Brian Thomas (@Brian_ThomasTCI) and Ryan Canton (@TheSwish) for a TCI webinar on February 23, 2011 from 6:30 – 7:30 eastern.  Participants will get an overview of eight to ten apps, how they can be leveraged in class, and explore/share with colleagues.  Don’t miss this chance to get your geek on!  You can sign up for the webinar at this link: here

Want to wet your APPetite? Take this Prezi for a spin below to preview some of the Apple Apps Brian will explore.  If you’re new to Prezi, it’s similar to a powerpoint in that you can click to andvance slides.  Prezi is a web-based app and it’s free.  You can learn more about it with this tutorial: here

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