Activities to Do for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a great day to celebrate Mom and to thank her for everything she does. You might choose to make her a special breakfast, do her favorite activity, or take her out for a nice dinner. If Mom doesn’t have a preference about the day’s activities or if you want to surprise her, we’ve put together some great ideas of fun things you can do for Mother’s Day!


Whip Up a Fancy Meal

Put your chef’s hat and apron on and prepare Mom a delicious meal (or three!). Maybe you could serve her breakfast in bed with homemade pancakes and a cup of coffee. Maybe she loves chocolate chip cookies that you could make her for after lunch. Or maybe she would like a steak cooked on the grill for dinner. Regardless of the food that is prepared, Mom is sure to appreciate the thought and effort put into the meal. But make sure to help clean up the kitchen afterwards!

Make Her a Video

Anything homemade that Mom can keep for years to come is likely to be a great gift. Looking back on different ages of the kids and different stages of life can be special, so what better way to capture this year than by making Mom a special video for Mother’s Day? Share your favorite things about Mom or do impressions of her, and even ask friends and neighbors about what makes her a great Mom. No matter how simple or detailed it is, it will surely be something she will love and cherish for years to come.

Lighten the Load For Her

Mother’s Day is the perfect day to give Mom a little extra help and TLC. You could purchase a gift card for Mom to use at a local nail salon, spa, store or with a massage therapist. Or you could create your own salon and spa right at home! You could also help Mom out with errands or tasks around the house. Vacuum the carpet, clean your room, or walk the dogs. You could also help run errands with Mom, as a little bit of help goes a long way. It’s also a great way to just spend some time with Mom.    

Do Some Science Experiments

Learning is cool, and so is Mom, so what better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than with fun and inexpensive science experiments? You could make slime, playdough, or a volcanic eruption. The internet is full of fun experiments for kids of all ages, so no matter what type of science experiments Mom wants to do, she is sure to find something that will be engaging, fun, and educational for both her and you.

Visit a Museum

Whether Mom is an art fanatic, a history junkie, or a science enthusiast, every major city has a myriad of museums that would be fun to visit on Mother’s Day. Going to a museum of Mom’s choosing (or picking one you know she would like) is a great way to show her that you are interested in her interests and is also a great way to learn new things. Check out local museums in your area and see what new facts you and Mom might uncover!

Have a Picnic

A picnic is a great way for Mom to relax, enjoy the nice weather, and to have a fun meal. You can help pack a picnic lunch, such as sandwiches, fruit salad, and drinks, and a-picnicking you will go! You could drive out to a picturesque lake, find a shady spot in a national forest, or simply toss a blanket in the backyard. Enjoy fun outdoor activities like a bug hunt, flower picking, frisbee, and bubbles, and let Mom enjoy a peaceful, restful afternoon.

Plant a Garden

If Mom has always wanted to plant a garden but has never gotten around to it, Mother’s Day is the perfect day to do it! Whether she wants to grow fruits, vegetables, or simply a gorgeous array of flowers, get some garden soil and start digging! Ask Mom if she would rather use pots or if she wants to put plants in a particular place in the yard. Get some garden gloves and tools, and take the time to learn about the process of how plants grow while you’re doing some landscaping with Mom.

Read Books on the Hammock

What’s better than a relaxing afternoon spent outside on a beautiful day? Bring some of Mom’s favorite books, snuggle up, and having a reading marathon. Maybe the family is going through a book series together (or maybe it’s time to start one!), maybe Mom has some favorite children’s books she likes to read with you, or maybe she just wants some time to read her own favorite book while resting on the hammock. Be sure to bring Mom a glass of lemonade while she’s reading!

Do an Art Project

Kids are often encouraged to create works of art as gifts for other people, like dads, grandmas, and teachers. This Mother’s Day, create something special just for Mom. Maybe this involves painting a flower pot, making a stained-glass flower, cooking a meal, painting a canvas to frame or making garden stones personalized by you. If Mom is extra crafty and wants to get involved, find a few things she might like to do, like creating a family handprint painting or decorating a picture frame to display family photos.

Have Fun with Music

If Mom loves music, consider having a day full of musical activities. Have a dance party in the living room, set up a karaoke machine in the basement, and have epic lip-sync battles on the back porch. Make Mom a new playlist on her music streaming service or purchase a new record or CD for her. Be sure to let Mom pick the music when you’re in the car, and maybe even write and perform a song just for her!

Play “Mom Trivia”

Come up with some fun questions about Mom and ask her the answers ahead of time. Then quiz your sibling, parents, or whoever is celebrating with you and see who knows Mom best! You could ask what her favorite TV show is, what her least favorite household chore is, and what she wanted to be when she grew up. Mom is sure to enjoy hearing everyone’s answers, and you might even learn something cool about Mom that you didn’t know!


We know Moms always have everyone’s best interest at heart, so pick a fun and educational Mother’s Day activity to do this May 13th and treat Mom to a wonderful day that shows your appreciation for everything she does.

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