Activities To Do On The First Day Of Spring

The spring equinox is headed our way! For most children, spring means the end of cold winter weather and the dawning of warm outdoor activities. It also means you’ll see blooming plants and flowers, and more color all around you. To help you start your plans and teach your students about the upcoming season, we’ve come up with a few fun activities, which are listed below.

Tissue Paper Flowers

One of the most interesting and beautiful things about spring is the blooming flowers and plants that we start seeing all around us. Children certainly don’t miss this occurrence, and many of them are captivated by flowers. For this fun and easy activity, you’ll want to get green pipe cleaners and tissue paper that comes in a variety of colors. Roll the tissue and crinkle it, using one or two sheets of it (they can be the same color or different colors). Then fold until you have a good size of petals, crinkle them, and roll the bottom into a flower shape. Attach the green pipe cleaner to the bottom, and you’ve got a flower.

Vegetable Growing

For this activity, you can either get permission to grow vegetables at your school or have your students take the vegetables home and grow them. First, you can take your students on a field trip to a garden center or another store, and have each student pick a vegetable to grow and care for. Allow them to plant their vegetables. Then, ask them to figure out how they might include their vegetable in some tasty dishes and ask them to do some research. Once the vegetables have grown, ask them to make a dish with the vegetable in it, and bring it to class for sampling.

Create A Student Scavenger Hunt

Spring provides you with the opportunity for fun outdoor activities with your students, and one fun activity that will get them outdoors is a scavenger hunt. Together with your class, create a list of items that we commonly see in spring. Then, ask students to go outside and search the school to find the items on their list. You can make this into a timed race, or simply allow your students to explore outside.

You’ll have a lot of fun with your class completing any one of these activities. Also, if you are looking for an interactive curriculum that encourages students to be hands-on like our above activities, then you should take a look at TCI’s science and social studies programs. With customizable lessons, multimedia, and plenty of hands-on activities, you’ll get your students engaged so that they love learning.

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