Aarrhhh! Pirate Day is Sunday! Fun Activity Ideas.

Don't be a landlubber! Get yer firstmates to learn about Pirates!

Most teachers know that September 17th is Constitution Day.  Of course, you might have downloaded our lesson we published on this blog.  Did you know though, that September 19th is Talk Like a Pirate Day!?  Well, just in case you’d like to celebrate it with your students….here’s some fun activities you can try out that have a curriculum tie-in too!

First, I encourage you to use the following link for any of these activities, as students/you, will find all the resources they need there: http://www.talklikeapirate.com/links.html .

Now Maties…here’s some idears for ye!

1) Using the idea of the popular show Mythbusters on Discovery, challenge the students to find out whether the following are fact or fiction:

  • Pirates buried treasure (booty) and made treasure maps.
  • Pirates were known to have sung songs like “A Pirates Life for Me.”
  • Pirates might have peg legs and eye patches.
  • The Caribbean was rife with Pirates from the 17th to 19th Centuries.
  • There is such a thing known as “Davy Jone’s Locker”


2) Using the site www.toondoo.com, have your students create a cartoon depicting one TRUE thing they learned in research regarding pirates.

3) Challenge your students to work with a pair to write their own pirate song.  Make sure they include names and places that were important in actual pirate history.

4) Assign a famous pirate to a group of three to four students.  Have them bring the character to life and be ready to be interviewed (by modern TV news means).  One person within each group can play the character while the others help them prepare their character with clothing/props and research.

5) Just for giggles….have your students/you change their Facebook language to US Pirate.  To do this, journey to the bottom of your Facebook home page and you will see “English US” .  Click it and then from the list you will see “English US” in bold, click the arrow by it and select “English Pirate.”  Watch what happens to the words on the pages….very fun!

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