7th Grade Science Curriculum

When you let TCI help you with your lesson planning, you’ll get a comprehensive 7th grade science curriculum created from the ground up that already meets state standards and incorporates the NGSS. Our 7th grade science curriculum helps students develop a better understanding of Life Science, Earth Science, and Physical Science.

7th Grade Science Curriculum

Alongside the 7th grade science textbook online or in print, you can utilize our grade 7 science curriculum to select from the three primary topics of science in the Bring Science Alive! series. Each 7th grade science textbook and curriculum comes with a variety of activities that are not only educational and relevant for each unit, but also engaging and helps students better retain the content.

Life Science

Help students learn about cells & genetics, adaptations, and ecosystems in the Life Science series:

  • Cells & Genetics – This program will introduce interacting body systems, reproduction, survival, controlling body systems, levels of organization, genes, chromosomes, genetic mutations, and more.
  • Adaptations – Your 7th grade students will learn about the history of life on Earth by exploring fossils, Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, artificial selection, genetic engineering, natural evolution, human population and more.
  • Ecosystems – Students explore the various resources available in different ecosystems, how we capture, utilize and store the sun’s energy, the importance of healthy ecosystems, biodiversity, and more.

Earth Science

In these programs, lessons will direct students to explore not only a better understanding of the Earth, but outer space as well.

  • Space – Students will learn about the Earth, how it revolves and rotates, why it sits on a tilted axis, eclipses of the moon, how the moon has phases, gravity within the solar system, the foundation of our solar system, and more.
  • Planet Earth – In this 7th grade science curriculum, introduce students to the energy on Earth, the dynamic surface of the Earth, its tectonic plates, natural resources, volcanic eruptions, and more.
  • Weather and Climate – This program delves into the Earth’s atmosphere, solar energy, air pressure, how the ocean affects our climate, severe weather, climate patterns, and more.

Physical Science

Matter, forces and energy, and waves will be on the minds of your students throughout this series of 7th grade science curriculum.

  • The Atmosphere and Energy – Students will be introduced to atoms and elements, motion of particles, heat, temperature, state changes, substances and their properties, chemical reactions, and more.
  • Waves – Continue through the next program by teaching students about the properties of waves, energy of waves, the wave model of light, analog and digital information, and how to send information using wave pulses.
  • Forces and Energy – The final program in the Physical Science series focuses on teaching students about forces, their effects, electricity, magnetism & electromagnetism, thermal energy, and how to measure energy.

7th Grade Science Material Kits

With every single 7th grade science curriculum and textbook, you’ll find a variety of different lessons and activities that can be incorporated into your lessons. We recommend utilizing the educational activities we’ve created and curated in order to help create a unique, fun, and engaging activity that is not only educational and interactive, but will also help students to retain what they learn.

With each activity, there are special materials that you’ll need for an effective activity. Our Bring Science Alive! Material Kits are easy to order and we have Refill Kits available to help you restock and plan ahead for future lessons.

Contact us today to learn more about our 7th grade science curriculum and to get started with our online subscription service where we help teachers excel by taking the legwork out of lesson planning.

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