5th Grade Science Curriculum

TCI’s 5th grade science curriculum and science textbook introduces the roles of decomposers, consumers, and producers within a healthy ecosystem to students. They’ll spend time studying the geosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere and discover how each of these ‘spheres’ interact with one another. Students will then explore patterns caused by the relative positions of Earth and the sun, as well as learn how to identify particles of matter that are too small to be seen.



5th Grade Science Curriculum

Through our carefully curated 5th grade science curriculum, students will explore living things and ecosystems, Earth systems, changes in matter, and the relations between Earth, the moon, and the stars of the universe.

  • Unit 1 – Living Things and Ecosystems Students will learn about an ecosystem, the roles within an ecosystem (decomposers, consumers, producers), how matter and energy moves within an ecosystem, how ecosystems change, and what’s healthy or unhealthy within an ecosystem.
  • Unit 2 – Earth Systems Students explore the four primary systems of Earth, how the Earth produces weather and climate, how various industries affect the Earth, how we as humans directly affect the Earth, and what we can do to protect the systems of the Earth.
  • Unit 3 – Changes in Matter Guide students through understanding matter, what it’s made of, how substances can be identified, the causes of change, how weight can be affected by changes, what people can do about natural hazards, and how engineers can improve materials.
  • Unit 4 – Earth, the Moon, and the Stars Students will explore what gravity is, why the sun is brighter than other stars, how there is night and day, why stars seem to move in the night sky over time, why the moon appears to change shape and move around, and how scientists observe space.

5th Grade Science Material Kits

In order to make your teaching experience even easier, we’ve created Bring Science Alive! Material Kits, which deliver all of the specific materials you need to create fun and engaging activities. These Material kits are easy to order, even if you’ve never ordered through TCI before. We also have Refill Kits available to restock and to prepare for units and lessons in advance.


Contact us today at TCI to learn more about our fifth grade science curriculum and how our online resources and Material Kits can help you to create and engaging educational experience for your students. Our online service makes it easier than ever to plan your lessons as we’ve taken out all of the hard work so that you can focus on delivering your content in a fun and engaging way to your students.

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