5 Websites for Science Teachers

TCI aims to provide teachers the tools and resources to make classroom planning more efficient and keep students engaged and interested. We know exactly how much work goes into developing lesson plans, conceptualizing new activities, thinking of creative ways to engage your class, and striving to meet all of your state’s education standards.

In the spirit of making lesson planning easier, below are a number of useful websites that science teachers can find inspiration and ideas to integrate into their classrooms.

  1. National Science Teacher’s Association (NSTA)

The NSTA is a great resource for science teachers that are looking to take their classrooms to the next level. Here you will be able to explore various science books and resources, find conferences, access professional learning opportunities, and learn more about science standards. These will aid you in becoming a more effective teacher in helping your students succeed academically.

  1. 24/7 Science

This website is super useful for helping teachers generate new ideas for scientific experiments. 24/7 also has resources to help teachers develop successful habits in the classroom that students can apply to other academic courses or extracurricular activities. With their professional development section, 24/7 Science can help you perform better as a leader and educator both in the classroom and your school.

  1. Science Channel

The Science Channel offers a wide variety of materials, including games, quizzes, news updates, blogs, and much more. Teachers and students alike can learn about various subjects in science through videos provided online. Students can experience everything from NASA to rockets to seeing how things are made. There are even live videos/livestreams and recordings like time lapses and environmental recordings that can be used to add another layer of scientific atmosphere either at an activity station or view together as a class.

  1. BJ’s Resources

This simple and straightforward webpage is perfect for teachers that want a diverse list of science classroom resources. From living things to motion to mechanical efficiency and so much more, you’ll find a great list of activities and worksheets to enhance your science lessons.

  1. How Stuff Works

This page is great for both teachers and students alike that want to broaden their science horizon with a variety of different topics. This website offers articles and blogs on a wide range of subjects: gravity, engineering, environment, space, and much more.

Let us know which websites are your favorite! To explore additional teaching resources for your classroom, check out our free trial at TCI.

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