4th Grade Science Curriculum

Introduce your students to the structures of plants and animals, their reproduction, and information processing through our 4th grade science curriculum. Here at TCI, we’ve created our 4th grade science curriculum to make it easy for you as a teacher to deliver a better understanding of our world in a fun and engaging way. Students will not only understand plant structures and the roles of weathering in this program, but they will also learn how to analyze patterns and process information.


4th Grade Science Curriculum

In TCI’s 4th grade science curriculum, students will progress through four units learning about plant and animal structures, energy, the Earth’s changing surface, and waves and information.

  • Unit 1 – Plant and Animal Structures Students will learn about plant structures and how they’re used for support, growth, and protection. They’ll then move onto understanding plant reproduction, how plants respond to their environment and how various plant and animal structures are used for digestion, circulation, movement, and sensing the environment around them.
  • Unit 2 – Energy In the second unit, you’ll guide your students through understanding the correlation between energy and motion, how energy is transferred through collision, sound, light, heat, and electric currents, and how energy is stored and used. This unit will also shed light on how people choose from the various energy resources available to us today.
  • Unit 3 – Earth’s Changing Surface Students learn about how to identify the changes in the Earth’s surface, how wind, water, and living things change the surface, how fossils form, and what people can do about natural hazards.
  • Unit 4 – Waves and Information Students will explore waves, their properties, how they affect other people, what kinds of waves pass through Earth, how they can be used to send messages, and more.

4th Grade Science Material Kits

Along with our fourth grade science curriculum, we also provide Bring Science Alive! Material Kits to teachers across the nation. They’re easy to order and provide you with all of the materials you need to complete all of the fun and engaging science activities that tie directly into the 4th grade curriculum and lessons. Refill Kits are also available to restock or to prepare for upcoming units.

Our online resources make it easier than ever to create comprehensive, fun, and engaging lessons and activities without all of the work. Our curriculum and lesson planning resources help you meet state standards while still being able to deliver great educational content to your students.


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