3rd Grade Science Curriculum

TCI’s 3rd grade science curriculum introduces students to the concepts of changing environments. Students will explore the variations and traits of different organisms that affect environments to how they affect survival in the past and to today. Students will also spend their time learning about the weather, how to quantify and predict weather conditions under different circumstances, and will explore the effects of forces of motion.


3rd Grade Science Curriculum

Our 3rd grade science curriculum will guide students through four units of weather and climate, life cycles, forces of motion, and the environments around us (and the living things in them).

  • Unit 1 – Environments and Living Things Students will learn about organisms and where they live, why animals live in groups, how the environments can change, and how we learn about extinct organisms.
  • Unit 2 – Forces and Motion Through this unit, you’ll help students explore various forces, what they do, what happens when they become balanced or unbalanced, how to predict patterns of motion, and what magnetic and electric forces can do.
  • Unit 3 – Weather and Climate Students will investigate weather and how they, as student-scientists, can measure various types of weather, how to predict it, how extreme weather can affect people, and what they can do to reduce the damage of extreme weather.
  • Unit 4 – Life Cycles and Traits Students will be introduced to inheritance, how environments can affect traits, why members of some species survive, and the life cycles of plants and animals with and without backbones.


3rd Grade Science Material Kits

Take your 3rd grade science curriculum and lessons to another level with our easy to order Bring Science Alive! Material Kits, which come packed to the brim with all of the materials you need to give students fun and engaging activities. The activities created as part of the 3rd grade science curriculum tie directly into the lessons you’re providing, which makes it easy to keep students excited about each unit as they progress through the textbook and school year.

Everything you could possibly need will be included in your Material Kit and we have Refill Kits available for teachers in order to stock up from previous lessons or prepare in advance for upcoming lessons and units.

Contact us today to learn more about our 3rd grade science curriculum and how our lesson planning resources can make your job as a teacher that much easier. You’ll spend less time planning all of the specifics of your third grade science curriculum and more time delivering educational, fun, and engaging content to your students.

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