3 Websites and Tools for Social Studies Teachers

We know how much work goes into making sure your social studies lesson plans are perfect. From creating new and engaging activities to formulating worksheets and homework, while pushing to meet state standards, it can sometimes feel overwhelming piecing everything together in time.

At TCI, we aim to simplify your teaching preparation by providing you with tools and resources that will aid you in multiple areas of your classroom experience. Below are three resources you can use in your own planning sessions and classroom lessons, which will help streamline your preparation.

1. QR Codes

QR codes (short for ‘Quick Response Codes’) are one of our favorite tools. QR codes are those odd-looking black-and-white squares with a random assortment of dots or tiny squares inside it. You’ll see them on airline tickets, product labels or postcards used for marketing purposes.

QR codes are designed to act similar to real world “URLs.” All you have to do is scan the code with  a smartphone or any device with a camera and an Internet connection, and see where the code takes you.

In an educational environment, teachers can generate QR codes themselves to allow students, parents, and school guests to visit certain websites, view specific images, find additional information, and much more. By implementing these QR codes into lessons and assignments, we can get students more involved with technology while reducing printing costs (having students view images on a screen vs. having to print numerous pages with higher densities of ink).

Our webinar on how we implement QR codes in our very own lessons.

2. National Council for the Social Studies(NCSS)

The NCSS website is a great resource for social studies teachers  from elementary through college. The NCSS has numerous resources available: Curriculum Standards, C3 Framework, Teacher Standards, Professional Development, and more.

3. Timeline Creators

History and social studies classes are notorious for dealing with dates and timelines. With a special timeline creator, you can create engaging presentations that showcase more than just a specific date or time period. Timeline software allow you to add images, videos, and other content to create a visual timeline that can engage your students in multiple ways.

Give these tools and websites a try as you plan your next lesson! We’d love to hear how you got creative and implemented them into your very own curriculum.

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