2nd Grade Science Curriculum

Let TCI help you introduce 2nd grade science curriculum to your classroom. TCI helps teachers and administrators all across the nation introduce engaging science lessons and activities to their schools and classrooms. We’ve made it easy to plan all of your lessons without missing all of the requirements to meet state standards.

Our 2nd grade science curriculum will introduce students to living things in ecosystems by going over the diversity and interdependence within them. Students will be able to compare the properties and functions of different kinds of matter, as well as analyze the processes that shape Earth over long and short periods of time.


2nd Grade Science Curriculum

The 2nd grade science curriculum is broken down into 3 primary units to help students learn more about our planet’s ecosystems and the forces that shape our planet.


  • Unit 1 – Plant and Animal Survival Students will learn about the different kinds of living things in the world, what they need to survive, how animals and living things depend on one-another, and how they survive in different environments.
  • Unit 2 – Materials and Their Uses With this second grade science curriculum, students will spend their time learning about what make ups “everything,” the difference between solids and liquids, purposes of different materials, how things can be reused, and more.
  • Unit 3 – Earth Changes In the final unit, students dive into understanding how the Earth was shaped, what is on the Earth’s surface, the different kinds of land and water found on Earth, and how problems caused by wind and water can be solved.


2nd Grade Science Material Kits

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