1st Grade Science Curriculum

TCI introduces 1st grade science curriculum to classrooms across the nation. Our 1st grade science curriculum and science textbook emphasize the relationship between plants and animals and their functions. Our 1st grade science curriculum will get students thinking about how light and sound travel, how to make predictions based on patterns in the movement of the sun, moon, and stars, and more.


1st Grade Science Curriculum

The 1st grade science curriculum is broken down into 3 units to emphasize these main sections:


  • Unit 1 – Plant and Animal Parts Students will learn about the similarities and differences of plants and animals, the types of parts plants and animals have, how plants and animals ‘sense’ things, how they take in nature’s resources, and more.
  • Unit 2 – Light and Sound Guide your students through the fundamentals of how light and sound works in the world. How does light help you see? How does light travel? How is sound made? How do we use light and sound to send messages to people? Help your students answer all of these questions and more.
  • Unit 3 – Sky Patterns During this unit, students will continue developing their pattern recognition skills by observing the occurrences in the sky, both during the day and at night. Students will analyze and interpret the data that they gather by observing the sun, moon, and stars.


1st Grade Science Material Kits

Along with our 1st grade science curriculum, TCI also provides fully stocked material kits that go along with the lessons and activities offered in the textbook and our lesson planning tools. Our Bring Science Alive! Material Kits are easy to order, and our Refill Kits make it easy to stock up on additional supplies for your next classroom investigation or activity. Everything you could possibly need to create amazing and engaging science lessons for your students is available in one convenient box, delivered straight to your school.


Our online subscription is an all-encompassing service that provides teachers and administrators with the tools necessary to create full educational experiences in the classroom that are not only highly education and informational, but also engaging to keep students interested in their lessons. Contact us today at TCI to learn more about how our 1st grade science curriculum can help you create a comprehensive science education for your students.


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