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TCI Webinars give us the chance to meet with you where you are. Whether you want to learn more about our technology or teaching strategies, or you use TCI every day and want some teacher-to-teacher tips, you can get what you need here. It's easier than ever to discover TCI.

On Demand Webinars

TCI Subscriptions


TCI 101: Getting Started Teaching

Learn how to plan, prepare materials, teach, and then assess using your TCI teacher subscription.


TCI 201: Getting Started with Students

Learn how to easily add students and classes to your programs and see how we provide an experience that is rich and interactive.


Bring Science Alive! Overview

In this overview, you can see how TCI's award-winning Bring Science Alive program inspires your students with interactive investigations.

What You Really Need to Know About NGSS

TCI and science guru Andy Schouse, author of Ready, Set, Science!, share the key components of NGSS and what it means for your classroom.

Why Do Some Members of a Species Survive and Not Others?

Experience science from a student's perspective--where hands-on investigations, online tutorials, reading, and assessments all support and build off one another.

Teaching Strategies

Creating Passionate Debates and Fervent Dialogues about Social Studies

Learn how to spark fervent discussions about key social studies topics that involve the entire class.

Digital Notebooks: Best Practices from Teachers Like You

Teachers like you will share their best practices and advice for using this powerful online tool.

Getting the Most Out of Class Discussions

We'll share concrete strategies for how to get the entire class involved in discussions so that everyone benefits and learns.

Interactive Notebook: Getting Started with Digital and Print

Learn how to implement the Interactive Student Notebook in your classroom whether you're using the print notebook or the new digital version.

Social Studies Skill Builders: Good-bye Worksheets, Hello Real Learning

Discover how to use Social Studies Skill Builders, and we think you'll toss your worksheets for these dynamic, interactive activities.

Visual Discovery: How It Works and Where to Find (Free) Images

We'll show you five steps for teaching with images and where to find free images to create your own lessons.

Web Tools and Technology

A Tweetcher's Guide to Twitter

Experience a Twitter tutorial and discover why we think it's one of the mightiest professional development tools available.

APP-etite for Instruction 2013

Discover the best free apps and web tools for teachers and, most importantly, how to thoughtfully use them in your classroom.

APP-etite for Instruction 2012

Discover the best free apps and web tools for teachers and, most importantly, how to thoughtfully use them in your classroom.

Building Your Own Learning Community

In a mere 30 minutes learn how to build your very own online professional development community.

Strategies to Motivate Struggling Readers

Discover how to address the challenge of having varying reading levels in a classroom. You'll discover fun, easy-to-implement strategies for supporting struggling readers

Web Tools Every Teacher Can Use

Discover new and mostly free web tools that you can use to hook students and make teaching fun.

Working with Digital Tools the TCI Way

We'll guide you toward the best digital classroom tools and, best of all, show you how to apply them in your instruction.

Assessment and Test Prep

Assessment Tune-Up

Explore innovative strategies and sites you can leverage when preparing review exercises with your students. You'll get game ideas, website suggestions, and hear other teachers' good ideas.

Exciting Methods for Formative Assessment

This webinar focuses on strategies and tips for incorporating formative assessments at every stage of the lesson cycle.

Test Prep the Active Way

Discover active test preparation activities that you can use to help students get ready for standardized tests or day-to-day assessments. You'll leave the webinar with practical ideas you can use immediately.

Special Topics

Common Core: Applying and Integrating with Your Instruction

We'll show you how you can integrate the standards without reinventing the wheel. You'll look at Common Core and your content in a new way.

Common Core: Helping Students Master Text Structure

Discover concrete ways you can help your students understand text structure in order to help them meet Common Core Standards.

Common Core: Two Strategies You Can Use Immediately

Learn practical, classroom-tested strategies that you can use to meet Common Core Standards.

Debriefing Your Year

Discover debrief experiences you can conduct in class to find out how your students reacted to your content, approach, and grading procedures.

Great Lessons for Women's History

Discover lessons you can use to teach women's history. We'll show you how to create your own lessons and give you ideas you can use immediately.

Learning World History is Boring and Other Myths Busted

TCI CEO and founder Bert Bower busts the myth that world history is boring and shows concrete ways you can make world history your students' favorite subject.

MLK Free Lesson Walk Through

See a guided walk-through of TCI's free lesson for MLK Day and then get a copy to use with your students.

Primary Sources: 3 Places to Get Them and 10 Classroom Activities You'll Love

Discover good places to get primary sources and how to use them in your classroom. We'll give you concrete ideas and tie everything to Common Core Standards.

Real Teachers: They've Flipped (Their Classrooms)

Meet Loyal Frazier, Castle View HS teacher. Loyal walks you through how to successfully flip your classroom.

Teaching with Documents and DBQs Without the Dull Factor

Learn concrete methods for helping students succeed on DBQs. We'll share terrific resources for primary source documents and lessons and give you ideas for how to use them in class to eliminate dull and pump up the fun factor.

Three Ways to Flip Your Classroom

Discover three concrete ways you can support the flipped classroom with TCI strategies and content.

Using Primary Sources to Spark Student Interest

Learn how to integrate a variety of primary sources, including music, visuals, political cartoons and written documents, into your instruction in ways that appeal to students' multiple intelligences and help them better understand key social studies concepts.

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